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GM black box / EDR / event data recorder / SDM / air bag deployment crash
data recovery for 1994-2019 General Motors, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet,
GMC, Hummer, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn vehicles using the
Bosch / Vetronix CDR crash data retrieval tool.

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Typical GM air bag SDM module. 2009 GMC Sierra air bag SDM shown. Also known as the
sensing and diagnostic module, SDM, EDR, event data recorder and the black box.©

Some newer GM air bag 'black boxes' are actually black plastic. This 2011
Chevrolet Equinox air bag SDM module produced 68 pages of crash data.©

Black plastic housing. Newer ribbed housing design. This 2014 Cadillac XTS
air bag SDM module produced 70 pages of crash data.©

How does it work? The Bosch / Vetronix CDR interface tool, software, cables
and laptop are connected to access the recorded crash data from
this 2001 Cadillac air bag SDM module.©

The printed downloaded crash data, CD-ROM of the crash data, GM air bag SDM module.©

Most early GM air bag modules will contain 5-15 pages of crash data. Many 2006
and newer air bag modules can contain 30-50 pages of crash data information. A
recent download from a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado produced 174 pages of crash data.



(Depending on model year and SDM module configuration)

Vehicle speed (in five one-second intervals preceding impact)
Engine speed (in five one-second intervals preceding impact)
Brake status (in five one-second intervals preceding impact)
Throttle position (in five one-second intervals preceding impact)
Driver's seat belt state (On/Off)
Passenger's airbag enabled or disabled state (On/Off)
Airbag Warning Lamp status (On/Off)
Time from vehicle impact to airbag deployment
Maximum Delta-V ( DV ) for near-deployment event
Delta-V ( DV ) vs. time for frontal airbag deployment event
Time from vehicle impact to time of maximum Delta-V ( DV )
Time between near-deploy and deploy event (if within 5 seconds)


  Low tire pressure warning system status
  Traction control status
  Anti lock brake status
  Transmission range
  Service engine lamp status
  Vehicle door 2/4 status open/closed
  Outside air temperature in degrees F
  Passenger seat belt switch
  Yaw rate
  Lateral acceleration
  Steering wheel angle
  PDOF / Principal direction of force degrees
  And more...

What we do

We offer air bag deployment crash data retrieval from the air bag SDM module for General Motors (GM) and Saturn vehicles. This can only be done using the Bosch / Vetronix crash data retrieval tool (CDR) and a PC. We can provide a printout of the stored crash data from the air bag SDM module (aka the black box, EDR, event data recorder, etc). The air bag SDM can offer extremely valuable vehicle data in the final 5 seconds leading up to an accident or air bag deployment event.

 Most GM dealers are not aware that the air bag SDM module records crash data. The only way to recover General Motors crash data is to use the Bosch / Vetronix CDR equipment. A dealership GM Tech 2 / MDI scan tool cannot recover the recorded vehicle crash data.

Some tool sellers would have you invest thousands and thousands of dollars to purchase a
Bosch / Vetronix CDR toolkit. We provide access to the same identical equipment and software
offering you and your organization huge cost savings.


Need a GM air bag SDM module downloaded? The GM air bag SDM module is removed from the wrecked vehicle and shipped to us. We will then power up the air bag SDM module and download the recorded crash data from the module using the Bosch / Vetronix CDR tool. Our services include:

 • High quality printed and bound printout of the stored air bag crash data.

 • CD-ROM of the stored air bag crash data in PDF format.

 • Return shipping of the airbag deployment crash data printout, CD-ROM, and the original SDM airbag module.

 • The PDF crash data can also be sent by email the same day.

In order to preserve any possible crash data, it is recommended that you should have
any module downloaded
even in cases where there is no air bag deployment.

Please feel free to contact us if you need the crash data downloaded from a GM air bag
SDM / black box / EDR / event data recorder or require any further information.

Common questions

How do I know if my GM car has a crash recording air bag 'black box' SDM / EDR?

Please see our 'SDM airbag tech info'
page for airbag 'black box' SDM / EDR locations by year and model. 

 I had an car accident, and the air bags did not deploy. Is there stored crash data?

Depending on the year and model, there can be two types of recorded data. Deployment and 'non' deployment data. Deployment data is permanently written on the eeprom chip inside the airbag SDM module. 'Non' deployment information can often be recovered, and display the same last 5 seconds of pre crash vehicle data. Non deployment SDMs require special handling, please contact us for proper airbag SDM removal procedures in these cases. Pre crash data events apply to 1998 and later GM vehicles.

Please note: Non deployment data is not permanently stored in the air bag module and can easily be lost by untrained technicians. Non deployment crash data will also be lost after about 250 ignition key cycles.

How fast does my car need to be to deploy the air bags?

GM electronic air bag SDMs do not look at vehicle speed to determine an air bag deployment command. The airbag SDM looks for a change in acceleration on the vehicle 'X' axis to determine deployment criteria.

Why is the air bag module sometimes called the 'black box' ?

There are several possible origins of the term 'black box'. Some believe it is because early (flight data) recorders and WWII radar units were painted black. Yet another description is, "the term black box has been used to describe something that performs a function, but its inner workings are complex and mysterious." In media related stories, CNN uses the term 'black box' to descibe the airbag module crash data "due to a lack of a better term."

On airplanes, the technical term is flight data recorder. On GM and Saturn vehicles, the technical term is air bag SDM or air bag sensing and diagnostic module.


Are General Motors vehicles the only cars that have a EDR / event data recorder / black box?

No, based on a directive by the NTSB, almost all vehicles sold in North America since 1997 are recording some type of vehicle crash data. These include Toyota, Ford and Mercedes Benz vehicles to name a few.
NTSB Directive:
"Develop and implement, in conjunction with the domestic and international manufacturers. A plan to gather better information on crash pulses and other crash parameters in actual crashes, utilizing current or augmented sensing and recording devices."


What is Vetronix? Who is Bosch?

Vetronix was the original manufacturer of the CDR equipment used to access the crash data stored in air bag modules. In 2006, the Vetronix Aftermarket Division merged with Bosch (Germany) Automotive Aftermarket.

"What was my teenager doing in the Cadillac?"

113 mph in this actual downloaded file. ©

Need GM fleet management help?

"It is our company policy that employees wear their seat belts.
 Was the employee wearing the seat belt when 
our company vehicle was wrecked?"

Both the driver and passenger seat belts were
unbuckled in this actual downloaded file. ©

 What is 49CFR Part 563 Rule 563?

Basically a NHTSA mandate that applies to all vehicles
sold in the US market after September 1, 2012.

• Mandates what the EDR must record if the vehicle has an
EDR which is intended to be downloaded after a crash.

• Mandates a tool to download that data be made available to
the public within 90 days of a vehicle's release for sale.

Link: Vehicle coverage list software Bosch CDR v17.9

Vehicle list of vehicle manufacturers utilizing
 the Bosch CDR tool + software v17.0

Acura 2012-2017
Audi 2015-2017
BMW 2013-2017
Chrysler 2006-2017
Dodge 2005-2017
Fiat 2012-2017
Ford 2001-2017
General Motors 1994-2018
Geo 1995-1997
Honda 2012-2017
Hummer 2003-2010
Infiniti 2012-2017
Isuzu 1998-2009
Jeep 2005-2017
Lexus 2001-2017
Lincoln 2002-2017
Mazda 2011-2017
Mercedes Benz 2014-2017
Mercury 2001-2011
Mini 2014-2017
Nissan 2012-2017
RAM 2012-2017
Rolls Royce 2013-2017
Saab 2005-2012
Scion 2004-2017
Smart 2015
SRT 2014
Suzuki 2007-2014
Toyota 2001-2017
Volvo 2011-2017
Volkswagen 2009-2017

It is currently not clear what tool the following manufacturers are using to be in
compliance with NHTSA rule 563. May be using dealer scan tool + software.
This information is changing almost daily.


Manufacturers not using the Bosch CDR tool:

Hyundia / Kia: Using a tool manufactured by
Global Information Technology (GIT).

Subaru: Dealer scan tool plus software.

Mitsubishi: Toughbook and interface part # MIT540031-EDR.

Jaguar / Land Rover: Full dealer scan tool, Toughbook and software.

Tesla: Vehicles transmit vehicle data back to Tesla. A EDR retrieval kit is also set for release 
May 2018 requiring a Windows computer, USB-to-CAN adapter and a MyTesla account.

See the following link for more information:  


How the Vetronix (now Bosch) CDR system works:

For many years, airplane crash investigators have had the benefit of retrieving data from the flight-data recorder. This information has proven invaluable for helping to determine what happened in the critical time before a crash. In 1997, the National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) made the recommendation that vehicle manufacturers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration work together to gather information on vehicle crashes using onboard collision sensing and recording devices. As a result, General Motors expanded the data downloaded to permanent memory in the air bag sensing and diagnostic module at deployment or in a near deployment collision. Since 1973, when GM first introduced air bag equipped cars, some crash data has been recorded. As explained in the owner's manuals of GM vehicles, the amount of recorded data has expanded with time and technology. The capability to record pre-crash data was included with some 1999 GM vehicles following the NTSB's recommendation. The Vetronix  CDR System helps further the NTSB's recommendation by creating a product that downloads the data stored in recordable air bag modules.

General Motors has authorized Vetronix Corporation (now Bosch) of Santa Barbara, California, to develop software, hardware and interface cables to allow the recorded data to be downloaded to commonly used computers. Data useful to researchers and investigators, such as delta-V, driver seat belt usage, and pre-impact data is stored and displayed in an easy-to-read format. This new tool also allows the investigator to input other pertinent information, such as weather conditions, and export the data to a remote database. Interface cables that connect directly to the airbag module are available for vehicles that cannot be powered up after a crash.

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