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GM air bag black box / event data recorder / EDR / SDM / DERM / deployment crash data recovery for 1994-2019 General Motors, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn vehicles using the Bosch / Vetronix CDR crash data retrieval tool.

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Internal components mid-'90s GM air bag SDM module shown. Also
known as the black box, event data recorder, EDR, and DERM module.

GM dealers do not use the Bosch CDR tool. The only way to recover GM crash data is to use the Bosch / Vetronix CDR tool. A GM Tech 2 or GM MDI dealership scan tool cannot recover the recorded vehicle crash data.

How does it work? The GM air bag SDM module is removed from the wrecked vehicle and shipped to us. We will then power up the GM air bag SDM module and download the recorded crash data from the module using the Bosch / Vetronix CDR. Our services include:

High quality printed and bound printout of the stored air bag crash data.

CD-ROM of the stored air bag crash data in PDF format.

Return shipping of the airbag deployment crash data printout, CD-ROM, and the original SDM airbag module.

The PDF crash data can also be sent by email the same day.


Need more info? Feel free to contact us if you require more information.

If you are in Nashville or the middle Tennessee area onsite rates are available.

Mailed in DOA modules or a damaged airbag SDM with 'no data' will only be charged return shipping.

Need a General Motors air bag SDM / EDR downloaded?

Our address is:

Logan Diagnostic
209 Lighthouse Terrace
Franklin TN USA 37064

Please include the following information with the GM air bag SDM module:

Daytime and evening contact phone numbers.
Year, make, and model of the vehicle.
We also need the wrecked vehicle VIN number. Required information.

GM Vehicle Identification Number, aka VIN
Vehicle Identification Number, aka VIN, required information. 2003 Saturn VUE VIN plate shown. ©
GM Tech 2
GM Tech 2. Great GM diagnostic tool, but the GM Tech 2 cannot collect the air bag SDM / EDR / black box crash data
Our GM Tech 2 (real one btw..see below). Great GM diagnostic tool, but the GM Tech 2 cannot download the air bag SDM / EDR / black box crash data.©

Buyer beware! Counterfeit GM Tech 2 and
GM MDI scan tools are on the market!

Chinese copies, China knock offs, dummy, Craigslist and
eBay fake clone GM Tech2s. See these links:

Picture shows somewhere, sitting on the floor, a batch of 15 suspected counterfeit GM Tech 2s being tested. (Picture source unknown).
Most counterfeit units at least try to duplicate the Vetronix or Hewlett Packard product label. This is a suspected fake GM Tech 2 with 'Useforgm Corp' label. (Picture source eBay).
Stolen Safety?
Does your car have air bags? By Ronda Addy

Imagine being involved in a vehicle accident, and because of an unscrupulous repair shop, your air bag doesn't function properly.
Incidents of air bag fraud are on the rise and it is quickly becomming one of the biggest vehicle repair scams around, costing insurance companies and vehicle owners more than $50 million a year. It is estimated that one out of 25 previously deployed air bags has been replaced by a 'dummy' or non-working air bag.

Air bags are easy to remove, and with replacements costing between $2,500 and $3000, it's no wonder that some repair shops claim to have replaced an air bag when, in fact, they replaced it with a dummy system and pocketed the money.

Air bag fraud is committed in a couple of ways. You may take your vehicle in for repair after a minor accident, and the repair shop will make it look like the air bags deployed during the accident. After the insurance company has completed the repair estimate, the shop will then use a knockoff or cardboard, beer cans or rags to make it appear as though the air bag has been replaced and bill the insurance company for the full replacement price.

Another way repair shops commit fraud is to remove your un-deployed air bag and replace it with a deployed one. After the insurance has checked everything over, the shop can then sell both your original bag and the replacement bag (paid for by the insurance company) on the black market.

There are some steps you can take to avoid becomming a victim:
Use a reputable repair shop with ASE certified mechanics.

Study the invoice to make sure the air bag was purchased from a dealer, recycler or manufacturer.

Inspect the air bag before installation, if possible.

Compare the steering wheel trim cover to the rest of the trim interior. Any difference in color indicates the original has been replaced.

Make sure the red SRS indicator light on your instrument panel appears when you start your vehicle. This means the air bag is active. If the light does not come on or flashes, there may not be an air bag to activate or the bulb may have been removed.

If you suspect your air bag has been tampered with, do not attempt to open it yourself. Instead, have it inspected by a mechanic you trust.

Only a small percentage of states have laws regarding air bag safety, with Florida having the toughest. Anyone caught installing a fake air bag there could face criminal charges, even manslaughter.

For your family's safety, it's important to do everthing you can to ensure you air bags are replaced properly.

Fake air bag stuffed with plastic shopping bags
Fake air bag stuffed with plastic shopping bags.

What about resetting a GM SDM after air bag deployment?

Our company does not reset or sell any new or used GM SDM modules.
General Motors factory service manuals are very specific that the
air bag SDM is to be replaced after any deployment event.

What is a CPA? The 'connector position assurance' clip verifies the connector is properly latched and locks the connector together.
Bosch green version CDR, cable, and Ford PCM
Bosch green version CDR interface tool, adapter cables, and Ford PCM
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We accept American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard credit cards. Bank debit cards also accepted.
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Logan Diagnostic
209 Lighthouse Terrace
Franklin TN 37064 USA

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